Samurai SL-1.04

Materials and colors
Mesh fabric reinforced with aramid fiber
Five star base
Aluminium alloy
Полиамидные противооткатные

Ergonomic office chair with «MultiBlock» synchro mechanism (separate synchronoused tilting of a chair backrest and seat)

The product meets the requirements of the European Union for operational safety and environmental friendliness, and it meets the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union of the EAEU

High backrest with soft padded headrest;

Soft seat is covered with wearproof perforated material NewLeather*

Steel armrests with a soft pad made of wearproof perforated material NewLeather.

Ergonomic shape of the backrest corresponds to the anatomic human body shape

In addition to the improvement of ergonomic features, new ergonomic backrest shape strengthen a stability to the chair at a maximum tilt.

Lumber support two-zone adjustment

Seat softness two-zone adjustment;

Possibility to change the seat tilt angle by tightening mesh fabric on front and back zones

Extra strong chrome covered steel-frame

10 years warranty for mesh fabric* and structural frame.

Due to the separate seat and backrest swinging “MultiBlock” synchro mechanism enables to unbend the body from time to time that improves blood circulation and loosens muscles of the back.

Separate seat and backrest tilting with the possibility of locking in each position.

Shifted swinging center makes it possible to keep feet on the floor when the armchair is tilted and prevents leg vessels constriction

Seat slider mechanism, allows shift and fix the seat in 5 positions, to obtain ergonomics and comfort for the user.

Aluminum alloy five-star base

Polyurethane wheels are strong, durable and noiseless; leave no traces or scratches on the floor

Soft comfortable headrest made of wearproof perforated material NewLeather

Renewed design of headrest

Wearproof armrests from material NewLeather

Soft seat makes you feel additional comfort and softness of leather sofa

Upholstery of the backrest is made of heavy-duty mesh fabric, reinforced with aramid fiber;

Seat: wearproof perforated material NewLeather*

Mesh fabric enables your body to “breathe” freely, and body temperature “above” and “below” is equal as if you are sitting in the air!

Possible colors of upholstery:

-black with black armrests and headrest;

- beige with beige armrests and headrests;

- bordeaux with bordeaux armrests and headrests;

- dark brown with dark brown armrests and headrests;

- white with armrests and headrest «White Swan»

- modification «Black Plus»: upholstery of back and seat is double mesh fabric

**NewLeather – innovative eco-friendly material made of natural leather, reinforced with nylon fiber, makes fibrous natural basis due to which this material is highly competitive with the natural leather in such properties as elasticity, strength and durability. Moreover, perforation provides unique “breathing” properties competitive even with fabric and considerably exceeding “breathing” properties of ordinary natural leather.

** The height of the seat in the upper and lower position can be changed. It depends on the model of the used gas-lift.


Weight of packing 25 kg
Package overall dimensions 260х665х900
Guarantee 10 years on the steel frame. 1 year on accessories
Number of products in a package 1 qty
Maximum load 120 kg
Frame material Mirror Chrome
Seat material Soft, with upholstery made of perforated leather NewLeather
Backrest material Mesh fabric reinforced with aramid fiber
Packing material 5 layer corrugated cardboard
Swing mechanism Multiblock
Package Size 0,15 m3
Headrest Unregulated, soft
Armrests Unregulated