Metta Company is a market leader in manufacturing of office of office chairs on the metal frame

Metta is one of those few Russian companies with a full-cycle chairs and glass tables on a steel frame production

Research Center

Our research and development center is undoubtedly the "brain" of our organization, and durable and reliable products of high quality are the result of our qualified experts design

Pilot Production

Due to extensive experience, excellent financial results and quality focus, our company can afford to manufacture prototypes of products for their comprehensive testing. This approach allows us to manufacture products that meet coustumer's expectations.

Computer - controlled mass production

Production departments are equipped with modern facilities to manufacture competitive products. Its high-quality is highly valued by the market.                      

Galvanising plant

Our company runs a full cycle of chair frames manufacturing - from the purchase of high-quality metal pipe to products output. One of the manufacturing stages is chrome plating. Galvanising plant of "Metta" company has all the necessary equipment and components for products to be coated with mirror chrome. 

Quality Control Department

Metta has a three-stage quality control system in accordance ISO-9000. At the first stage, the quality of raw materials for production is cheched, the second stage is the control of the production process at various stages. The third stage is the control of compliance with the technology of products assembly and their packaging. All of that has set the stage for manufacturing products that meet European quality standarts.

Post Production Storage

For our customers, convenience along with production storage, a post production storage was put into operation, which allows us to promthly deliver goods.